PV Ribbon Wire

PV Ribbon Wire

Our new product PV Ribbon Wire is an essential component in every mainstream solar panel and is used to interconnect solar cells and provide connection to the junction box. PV ribbon wire tin or solder coated copper ribbon between 1 mm – 6 mm wide and 0.08 mm – 0.5 mm thick with a 10 – 30 micron thick solder coat. The quality of Sarkuysan’s PV ribbon and its soldering to the sollar cells is essential to ensure panel efficiency and durability.

PV ribbon is an electrolytic tin coated or hot dip solder coated copper conductor used in photovoltaic solar panels. There are two types of PV ribbon: The interconnect or tabbing ribbon and PV bus bar, both needed in a typical silicon solar cell. Thin film panels usually require only bus bar.
The interconnect ribbon is soldered directly onto silicon crystal to interconnect solar cells in a solar panel.
The interconnect ribbon is carries the current generated in solar cells to the PV bus bar.
PV bus bar is a hot dip tinned copper conducter installed around the perimeter of the solar panels. PV bus bar connects interconnect ribbon to the junction box.

Fields of Application: Solar panels and other renewable energy areas.




0.003 – 0.008 ± 0.0003 in (0,080 – 0,200 ±0,008 mm)

0.008 – 0.020 ± 0.0004 in (0,201 – 0,500 ±0,010 mm)


0,039 – 0,118 ± 0,003 in (1,000 – 3,000± 0,080 mm)

0,118 – 0,236 ±0,0039 in (3,001 – 6,000 ±0,100 mm)


Elongation : 20% Min.
Yield Stress  (Rp 0,2%) : 13053 psi max. (90 N/mm²)


Pure Tin (Sn 100)
SbPbAg Solder – Sn62Pb36Ag2 (Acc. To ISO 9453)
Different solder alloy acc.to customer specifications.


Coating Thickness : 10 – 40 μ
Tolerance of Coating : ±30% max.
Most Common Thickness : 20μ ± 4μ


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