Significant Notes

Significant Notes

We, Sarkuysan, always desire to provide high quality service not only in our products but also in our customer relations. Giving you the best service for both the use of our products and the possible problems that can be confronted during the use of our products is our priority. In order to give you satisfying service and prevent the possible problems, we recommend you to take below mentionedpoints into consideration.

  • Packing and usage specifications of the products (whether the spool would be used vertical or horizontal) must be defined by the customer in order to provide the customer with appropriate packing and the position of spools.
  • Adequate equipment must be used while unloading and transferring the products. e.g. forklifts, cranes etc. Do not touch the naked products with bare hands and avoid using of improper tilting equipment.
  • While handling plastic spools, pay attention to carry the spool by grabbing from each sides of the spool in order to avoid local piling of the wire. Carrying the spool with one hand can cause the flange to break harming the bearer and damaging the material.
  • Do not rock or drop the spools.
  • The packaging must be checked before use of product in order to detect any damaged regions on the product.
  • The products must be stored in an environment free of humidity, dust and dirt.
  • Keep the spools from greasy and corrosive media.
  • Protect the spools against shocks even when empty.
  • Do not tear up the packaging until you use the product.
  • While tilting the loaded spool, use tilting apparatus to avoid damaging of the material and local pilling of wire that can be caused by uncontrolled tilting.
  • Try to prevent any factor that can damage the wire in your production line.
  • Partially used products must be protected from humidity, dust and dirt by covering the product with a protective material such as nylon or carton.
  • Do not rock the basket during transportation and use. Carry the basket in vertical position. Care should be taken to protect nylon cover from tearing.
  • Do not keep the basket in greasy and humid medium.
  • Do not use any crane or span during loading and unloading the basket into/from trucks. Use lift truck.
  • Take off the strip and nylon cover just before use.
  • Pay attention to keep the symmetry axis of the basket and the point of entrance to the pay-off on the same line while positioning the basket for pay-off. The distance between the basket and pay-off must be at least 2,5 meters.


In case of reclaims;

  • The QC number of the product which is being reclaimed must be stated.
  • In order to understand the problem occurred in the use of product, photographs demonstrating the process in which the product is used, should be taken if possible.
  • If the product is dispatched with a damaged packaging the photos showing the damaged packaging should be taken.
  • If the problem is local, the photos of the problematic regions on the product should be taken.
  • To let us understand what kind of problem had been confronted, try to get wire break samples or samples from the problematic regions of the product.
  • While returning problematic products try to avoid any further damaging of the product.