Copper Tube and Busbar Production

Copper Tube and Busbar Production

The preheated ETP-Cu and DHP-Cu billets are extruded by 3400 and 2350 ton capacities PLC controlled presses to produce mother tubes and busbars. Final products are produced in different finishing lines according to the type of final shape.

Copper Tube :

Material: Cu-DHP (99,90% Cu min. and 0,015-0,040 % P)

Product Type: LWC, pancake and straight length

Temper: Hard drawn and annealed

Standards : DIN EN 12449, TS EN 12449, DIN EN 1057, EN 12735, ATMB B 280, ASTM B 68, ASTM B 75, ASTM B 88

Copper Busbar :

Material: Cu-ETP (99,90% Cu min.)

Product Type: Rounded corners and rounded edge

Temper: Semi hard and hard, annealed

Conductivity: 57-58 µS

Standards : TS 435, DIN EN 46433, DIN 1759, ASTM B 187, ASTM B 152, EN 13601