Human Resources Policy


Our main human resources vision is to take on board the people, who have the requisite educational background and the capacity to share our values and to keep up with the changes rapidly as well as to adopt the principle of continuous improvement. We aim to provide these hardworking and enthusiastic people a working environment in which they would be happy, productive and creative employees.


Our common values constitute the foundations of Sarkuysan Human Resources implementations. The common values shared by our employees are significantly important and contribute considerably to the success of our company enabling us to face the future with confidence.
These values consist of sensitivity to the traditions and values of our society, trustworthiness and reliability, working with a focus on customer satisfaction for both domestic and international markets, team work and solidarity, a friendly work environment formed around mutual respect and affection, including innovation, creativity, continuous development and self-confidence.


Employment: It is of the essence that person to be hired should be in compliance with our common values as well as have the necessary qualities for the position in question. Within the framework of the performance evaluations carried out annually for our employee, policies for career planning, wages and personal development are drawn up.

Training: Training requirements of our staff are analysed annually and training plan is prepared accordingly. Training programs are focused on vocational, social and foreign language subjects.

Practical Training: In line with the social responsibility principle, vocational high school students and undergraduates are given the chance of training at the company during the summer and winter terms to the extent of the quota allocated by the company.

Our Award and Suggestion System: Every year 5 employees from different fields of our company are given Cihan BEKTAŞ Achievement Awards named after the late Mr. Cihan BEKTAŞ, among the founders of the company and Chairman of the Board for 30 years. Also the department of the year is elected and achievement flags are hung to their respective departments. The employees are encouraged to make suggestions and the ones with proper suggestions are awarded by the system. Also during the anniversary of the commencement of production, the employees who have worked for 5, 15 and 25 years for the company are presented Gratitude Plates and gifts.

Social Activities: We believe, we contribute towards maintaining a friendly work environment through Sarkuysan Classical Turkish Music Chorus, our folklore and dance groups, sportive activities, parties organized on various occasions, and other social events such as Sarkuysan Festival helping to strengthen mutual relations.


Applications are preliminarily evaluated by the human resources department and in the event that the candidate’s skills and background meet with the requirements of the position in question, he or she is contacted for an interview. If not, his or her data is stored at our database just in case of a suitable future vacancy occurs.

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