Social Responsibility

In line with the corporate image of a socially responsible entity, Sarkuysan realizes various social projects in many fields.

The company, for example, contributed to the cultural legacy by  restoring the historical Frej Han building, used as the company headquarters for many years; it further contributed to education by building Sarkuysan High School in Gebze and Sarkuysan Nursery and Primary School and by awarding scholarships to students for higher education; in the area of  religious affairs it contributed by building Sarkuysan Mosque; to health by allocating funds every year for the purchase of much needed medical equipment donated to state hospitals; to sport  it contributed with its table tennis team  often representing the country in the European Cup Winners’ Championship, to art with folklore and modern dance groups as well as with its Turkish Music Chorus made up of our employees, to the environment the Company helped by   forestation works and to the promotion of the country by hosting international events and organizations related to its sector.

In addition, Sarkuysan, as the Turkish Coordinator of “European Copper Institute”, distributes technical publications to 5.500 establishments in the power and telecommunication industries, thus the Company plays an active role in the dissemination of Information to the public.