Our Ethical Codes and Social Responsibility Policy

1 The values of SARKUYSAN A.Ş. represent our commitment to our Company's customers, employees, shareholders, and all social organizations that we directly or indirectly take part in. Our values target the achievement of current and future requirements of all stakeholders.


1. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Our company is aware of the fact that customer satisfaction is essential for the sustainability of its growth and competitive position. For this, all skills and resources are utilized to ensure customer satisfaction.


A. PROFITABILITY: Our main objective is to protect the investor characteristic of our company and provide and maintain a reasonable return for our shareholders, employees and all stakeholders.

B. RESPONSIBILITY: We attach importance to generating social advantages and setting an example with our corporate reputation gained through our successful practices in the industry and sector, and our stable style that we maintain by adhering to legal and ethical values.

C. INTEGRITY: Integrity, truthfulness and openness are essential in all operations. We show full commitment to the laws and social traditions.

D. EXCELLENCE: We take excellence as basis in matters such as health, safety, environmental protection and quality assurance due to our responsibility towards the society and all of our customers benefiting from our products and services. For this, we ensure that our employees are equipped with superior knowledge and awareness.

E. SINCERITY IN COMMUNICATION: The basis of our communication policy is sincere and open dialogue at all levels. We believe that reliable, accurate information obtained as such will contribute to our performance.


A. CUSTOMERS: Sarkuysan is always ready to listen to its customers with great attention. We do not only strive to meet their requirements, but we make effort to predict their needs in advance. We show maximum effort to keep our promises and we never promise more than we can handle. Our goal is to offer our experiences and expertise in addition to our products so, our customers can also fulfil their responsibilities towards their own stakeholders, we strive to protect their interests and reputation. We also protect the data and information of our customers with the same level of care we attach to our own information, as required under the laws and regulations.

B. SHAREHOLDERS: We act in accordance with the principles of corporate governance in our efforts to provide return to our shareholders and increase their investment capital. We treat all our shareholders equally and take all necessary measures to ensure that they have access to accurate and complete financial information.

C. OUR EMPLOYEE: We take care to provide good working conditions and offer our employees the resources they need for their professional development.

We trust our employees and we attach importance in making them feel as a respectable employee as a member of our family. We establish sincere and two-way communication with them. We attach importance in assisting our employees in their efforts to maintain and improve their knowledge in all aspects and providing them with training opportunities.  We respect the private life of our employees and we are neutral to their political views, philosophical and religious beliefs. We also expect our employees to respect the beliefs of others. We protect personal data of our employees in accordance with the law.

3. OUR EMPLOYEES 'COMMITMENTS TO THE COMPANY: Our employees agree to act in accordance with the values and culture of SARKUYSAN. They are the owners and defenders of these values at both individual and community level. Sarkuysan employees are customer oriented. They will be honest and realistic and will comply with the laws, regulations and company regulations, procedures and instructions. They will consider reporting of non-compliances with the applicable laws, regulations and internal directives as a duty. No hierarchic structure that hinders information flow is acceptable when it comes to the company’s performance. Sarkuysan employees take price in achieving and maintaining a superior level of product and service quality and share their knowledge with their colleagues.

4. SUPPLIERS AND SUBCONTRACTORS: SARKUYSAN will endeavour to ensure that the regular suppliers, subcontractors, consultants and commercial intermediaries (distributors, agents, etc.) in the main field of activity accept the requirements of this declaration. The Company cares for long-term cooperation with its suppliers and subcontractors. It protects their reputation and confidential information as if it were their own reputation and information and, in a manner, exceeding requirements of the legislation. It also approaches subsidiaries serving as suppliers with the same level of justice and respect shown to other suppliers.

5. OUR PLANET: Our primary objective is to protect natural resources by respecting the environment and nature, especially through recycling, at any location where we do business.


Corporate codes of conduct are described in detail in our manual named “FUNDAMENTALS OF OUR CORPORATE CULTURE”. The principles implemented in affairs with the third persons are described below.

A. CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Each employee will show loyalty towards SARKUYSAN. Any situation that leads to a conflict between personal interests of employees or their relatives and commercial interests of Sarkuysan Group will be immediately reported to the line manager. Such conflicts may also involve suppliers, customers, known competitors or any organization having a relationship with SARKUYSAN. Employees cannot be a part of any conflict of interest and they cannot take a role in in evaluation, meeting or decision related with any matter involving personal interests or interests of their relatives.

B. DEALINGS ON OWN ACCOUNT: Management and employees are responsible to maintain confidentiality of confidential information against others including their relatives.  They cannot enter into dealings on their own account without consent of the management and they cannot work for any other organization even if they do so in the capacity of expert.

C. GIFTS: Our employees will be impartial and honest in their dealings with the public, customers and suppliers. Bribes, illicit profits and suspicious offerings given by a third party will be reported immediately to the line manager of the relevant employee.  Any situation that would encumber an employee with debts towards a third person or any suspicious situation or any situation that requires compromise will be avoided even if it is temporary.

GIFTS: Gifts with value equal to or more than 100 Euro will not be offered or accepted. Exchange of gifts that is considered as a tradition in the international official circles may be exempted from this rule provided that consent of an executive manager is obtained.

D. PAYMENTS: All employees should always be able to explain the real source of all kinds of money and where it is used. Payments are made in accordance with the procedures and principles specified by the company.  Non-transparent and illegal payment methods are not permitted.

E. POLITICAL FINANCING: Sarkuysan cannot provide funds or similar services to a political party, a public executive, or candidates for the administration of a public institution.

F. DONATIONS AND HUMANITARIAN ACTIVITIES: Sarkuysan's hosting and sponsorship activities are performed in accordance with the principles stipulated in this declaration. These events are entirely free of consideration and they are not aimed at providing any commercial or administrative benefit to a company.  The company's role in these activities is limited to sponsorship. It does not take a role in execution or management activities.

G. REPUTATION AND BRAND IMAGE: Reputation is the most vital asset of SARKUYSAN. Employees cannot do or say anything that will undermine Sarkuysan's reputation, image or credibility.

H. INTANGIBLE CORPORATE ASSETS: Managers and employees act in accordance with their responsibilities specified in the personal data protection law. They are obliged to protect any confidential information against unauthorized access, loss, falsification, alteration and ensure prevention of disclosure, reproduction, falsification or use of the confidential information for malicious or concealed purposes that are not related with business, especially through the internet and intranet.

This rule applies to technical and administrative data, customer, prospective customer and supplier files, software, passwords, documentation and drawings, methods and know-how, production methods, skills and parameters, intellectual and industrial property rights, evaluations, contracts and agreements, unpublished lists of costs and sale prices, strategic and commercial objectives, R&D information and key persons and contact information.

7. PRIORITY OF OUR VALUES IN SARKUYSAN : Any employee who receives an instruction that is clearly in conflict with our values is entitled to reject that instruction. Employees immediately report this situation to the management. If it is proven that the relevant employee was right, such reporting will not have an adverse effect on that employee


The UN Global Compact is an innovative approach to corporate responsibility that proposes universal principles that are aimed at creating a common culture of development in a constantly competitive business world. Being party to the Compact that adopts a vision for “sustainable and extensive global economy” is entirely on voluntary basis.


The UN Global Compact's 10 Principles address the fundamental responsibilities of the business community in the areas of human rights, labour standards, the environment and combat against corruption. Companies that integrate 10 Principles into their strategies, policies and procedures do not only maintain their fundamental responsibilities towards people and the planet, but they also lay the foundations for long-term success.

SARKUYSAN confirms that it is committed to these principles.

10 principles of the UN Global Compact are based on universally accepted United Nations declarations on the relevant matter.

10 Principles are based on the following declarations:

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

International Labour Organization (ILO) Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights in Working Life

United Nations Rio Declaration on Environment and Development

United Nations Anti-Fraud Treaty



Principle 1: Businesses are required to support and respect universal human rights in their sphere of influence;

Principle 2: It is required that the organization does not get involved in any human right violation.


Principle 3: Business are required to actively recognize the freedom of organization and the right to collective bargaining;

Principle 4: Prevent working under pressure and force;

Principle 5: Prevent child labour actively.

Principle 6: Eliminate the discrimination during recruitment and working periods.


Principle 7: Businesses are required to support a preventive approach before occurrence of any loss in matters concerning the environment;

Principle 8: Take action to promote a more effective environmental responsibility;

Principle 9: Encourage the development and dissemination of environment-friendly technologies;

PRINCIPLE 10: Anti-Corruption: Business world is required to combat all kinds of corrupt activities such as bribery and exacting of tributes.