Information Security Policy

We, SARKUYSAN A.Ş. and its employees, attach particular significance to the quality of our goods manufactured as a result of our production processes and customer satisfaction, while we also pay the same attention to all our corporate and personal information assets.

We give priority to inspire confidence to the organisations and institutions we serve; and ensure the security of the information assets we benefit during the services provided. In this sense, we value our relations with our customers, governmental authorities and suppliers we collaborate. Continuity of the products and services we are providing, confidentiality of the information we possess, integrity of the information assets of the customers or our company are of great significance.

As part of the main principles of our Information Security Policy, we are committed to;

  • Protect our company’s information against all internal or external, deliberate or indeliberate threats,
  • Ensure the information belonging to Sarkuysan to be only kept by the authorised people and the corporate information to be kept in full, accurate and ready when required,
  • Enable secure information sharing,
  • Encourage consistent use of information for professional purposes,
  • Ensure employees understand their roles and responsibilities in using and protecting the information,
  • Maintain work continuity and minimise possible damages,
  • Endeavour for continuous improvement, adapt to varying and developing information assets and developing and varying conservation, transmission, utilisation platforms of these assets,
  • Fulfil applicable requirements regarding information security, ensure full compliance to legislation, avoid any damages due to the abuse of information,
Continuously improve our sustaining Information Security Management System; hence, follow all related legislation and requirements regarding ISO 27001 Standard, customer-specific requests, and our operations.


Sevgür Arslanpay

General Manager