Quality Policy

The quality policy of Sarkuysan A.Ş. consists of the following indispensable elements that aim to provide continuity of our exemplary and competitive structure of our position as one of the leading companies in the world, with our production experience, the up-to-date technology we use, high knowledge and experienced and qualified workforce:

  • To produce quality products to meet the demands and expectations of our customers, and to maintain an incremental customer satisfaction by providing technical support before and after sales,
  • In all of our fields of activity, to fulfill the requirements of our quality management systems that enable us to become a pioneer organization and to ensure the continuous improvement of its effectiveness,
  • To ensure the continuity of our products and make them in compliance with customer requests, national and international standards and legal regulations,
  • Prioritizing the occupational health and safety of our employees ensuring the quality production, which is our common endeavour, to support their professional and social development and quality consciousness by continuing training programs and activities, and to ensure their motivation to be at the highest levels,
  • To protect the environment and natural resources while continuing our activities,
  • To ensure that the achievements we accomplished by the principals of our quality policy are sustainable, to aim to move them to higher levels, and ensure that the development of our brand awareness is within the ommon and primary objectives of our employees.
General Manager
Quality Policy
Quality Policy